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Times and Important Info for Distribution of Holy Communion

On May 19th, Bishop Libasci wrote a letter stating that distribution of Holy Communion will be offered during this interim time until public Masses are able to resume. If you have yet to read his letter, you can read it here.

Distribution Times

Distribution of of Holy Communion will take place at the following times during the weekends.

  • St. Theresa Church - 5:15PM on Saturdays, 11:15AM on Sundays

  • OLMM and St. Elizabeth - 9:00AM on Sundays

Important Info and Guidelines

Out of charity for our brothers and sisters in Christ, we ask that everyone follow the guidelines below. These guidelines pertain to all three churches (St. Theresa, OLMM, and St. Elizabeth).

  • Bring your own mask with you and put it on before entering the Church. Masks MUST be worn.

  • Enter into the Church through the front entrance (unless you need to use the elevator or ramps).

  • Hand sanitizer will be available and required after you enter the Church.

  • Follow the directions of the ushers to help ensure everyone's safety.

  • Keep the suggested six feet between you and the person in front of you.

  • Use the tape markings on the floor to help keep appropriate social distancing.

  • When you are to receive the Eucharist, please keep your mask on while you are in front of the priest, deacon, or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion; receive the Eucharist in your hand; step to the side of the minister; remove you mask; place the host in your mouth; put your mask back over your mouth and nose.

  • During the time of distribution, our churches will NOT be available for personal prayer, the pews will be roped off, please exit the Church immediately after receiving the Eucharist.

  • Exit through through the marked side door of the Church, do not go back out the front of the Church.

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